Thanks for democracy

A big thank you to everyone who voted in the poll I posted on Twitter last week. For those not in the know I posted a poll for you the reader to help me choose which game to play next. With our current gaming drought and my huge backlog of games, it was a great bit of fun to let others choose my next gaming fix. The results were as follows;

Dead Space (already 50% done)
[ 21% ]
Prince of Persia
[ 34% ]

[ 17% ]
Condemned 2
[ 7% ]
Tomb Raider Underworld
[ 21% ]


After several days of voting Prince of Persia ran away with the votes, which I was secretly pleased with but after playing the game, the result felt anticlimactic. While I enjoyed the first half of PoP it became very stale after that. With annoying flying sections, not hard just boring, time consuming and poorly designed moments attempted to ruin the game. Add these moments to the infuriatingly tiresome boss battles and part of me wanted to just put the controller down and walk away.

I didn’t though, mainly because I’d come so far but partly because you beautiful people had chosen the game for me to play. Although the hand holding feature in the form of Elika was included, I still found the game hard in places. However this was mainly due to poor lighting in game or non responsive control inputs. So many times I’d pressed the jump button only to see the prince slide down the wall or running into an obstacle because the screen was too dark. The game isn’t all bad in my opinion, I found the voice acting pretty good and humourous at times, the story whilst ridiculous was entertaining too.


My time with Prince of Persia was fun and I stated on Twitter that it was one of the most beautiful games I’ve played but also the most flawed. I do still recommend that people play PoP but don’t expect a life changing game. To me this was a “popcorn” game, you just enjoy (most of) your time and throw it to one side.

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