Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits Wii

Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits in premise, is a very good idea. Taking the best songs from the first three games and putting them together in one tasty budget-priced (well, cheaper than the newer GH games anyway) package should make for some excellent multiplayer gaming, especially considering that the first three games didn’t even have drums and microphone compatibility. Guitar Hero’s latest offerings have suffered a little considering some of the most popular songs in rock history were used in the first two games, and unless you were fortunate enough to own them on the PS2, you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to play them, and were left with the less-than-stellar tracklistings from GH 3 and 4.

 Saints be praised then, that all of the best songs have come back all on one disc, with all of the multi-instrument capabilities of the more recent games. Finally, you can play the best in the games series, and of course I’m referring to absolute stonkers like “I love Rock and Roll”, “No One Knows”, “Carry On Wayward Son” and the phenomenal “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden, arguably one of the most fun songs to play on GH, which you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to play unless you bought the GH2 reissue for Xbox 360.

 So why is it only a good idea in premise? Why doesn’t it rock your face off where GH3 and 4 couldn’t? Well, the main drawback of this whole package is…well…the package itself! Wii users are once again punished for having the least powerful hardware and are given a terrible port of the PS2 version, which is privy to horrendous graphics and absolutely unforgivable loading times.


I loaded up GH: Greatest Hits with pretty high hopes. I saw no reason as to why this couldn’t be the best Guitar Hero yet. All the best songs from the first few games, none of the crap ones, and full instrument compatibility? Bring it on! However, less than 5 minutes in, I was already massively disappointed. The game is presented really poorly, the menu system is ugly and clunky and not nearly as appealing as the animated menus from the previous games. Simple things like trying to name your band and creating a character are thwarted by terrible loading times. Creating a character isn’t the kind of thing that you would want to take an age doing, considering your characters aren’t really what you concentrate on during the game, but every selection that you wish to try out takes a good few seconds to load. Want to pick your characters hairstyle? You’re going to have to wait a full 7 seconds for each one to load. This waiting time, over and over again, gets pretty dang frustrating. I personally gave up and decided to just jump straight in with one of the pre-made characters. Lars Umlaüt has yet to let me down.

 I then picked my song, sat around for a minute or so while it loaded, and was thrown into it. Thank Gravy for that. What I was presented with though, was graphics ugly as sin and almost completely static on-stage characters. I have seen the Wii do some amazing things, and this is almost completely unforgivable. Textures are drab and grainy, there isn’t a lot of colour and I could have sworn at some point, what I assume was supposed to be a “smoke” effect, made the entire stage and everyone on in turn a horrible shade of grey. Yuck. One would have thought that Neversoft would have learned from the wooden movements of the band from previous GH games but, alas. When you used to launch star power in the first few games, your characters would go mental and do something spectacular to fuel the awesomeness that is star power. Now, they just stand there and don’t really do much more than when they’re playing normally. Bit of a disappointment really!


GH Greatest Hits is certainly brilliant if you’ve got a PS3 or an Xbox 360, because of the graphical capabilities, the option for DLC and the fact that everything won’t take a century to load. Wii owners have once more drawn the short straw though and have been given a great concept in a really ugly package. If the graphics and loading times don’t bother you though, and you haven’t really played these songs before, then you’ve got a pretty tasty deal, which is especially fun in multiplayer.

 Hi-Score – Perfect Selection of Songs, Full Instrument compatibility

Lo-Score – Hideous graphics, unforgivable loading times, really poor presentation, does nothing new.

Final Score – 6 out of 10

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