Fallout 3 DLC: Mothership Zeta

The last piece of DLC for the well supported Fallout 3 is now with us. Entitled ‘Mothership Zeta’ it promises an out of this world experience for wasteland wanderers everywhere. With Bethesda’s previous DLC ‘Point Lookout’ taking Fallout in a different and interesting direction, can this new slice of content offer us something compelling to play and see us out with a bang?


As with most of the DLC for Fallout your quest will begin with a transmission coming in on your Pipboy 3000. A new marker will be added to your map at the location of the crashed alien spacecraft, so it’s time to get tooled up and head off on the adventure in hand. Approaching the smashed up ship will initialise a tractor beam that scoops you up from the familiar wasteland to the alien mothership. After a short cut-scene and a bit probing you will wake up in a cell with another wastelander called Somah and between you will hatch a plan to escape the clutching probing hands of your alien captors. Having had all your weapons and armour removed from you by those tricky xenomorphs your first port of call is reuniting yourself with your prized possessions. Once secured it’s time for you to make your escape. Along the way you will make new friends who can help you out in different ways, like repairing weapons and making health items to aid you.


Traversing the mothership starts off interestingly enough, the look of the ship is unlike anything you would have explored back in the wastes of DC. Strange terminals flash with lights and alien devices litter shelves and tables. A handful of new weapons are available with fantastical names such as the Alien Atomiser and the Atomic Pulverizer, unfortunately they mostly all just boil down to re-skinned energy weapons that are quite ineffective against the alien enemies. For the majority of the game I used the Alien Blaster which can be found in the main game. To me this seemed like a big waste, some new weapons effects to go with the alien technology could have really made these guns special. Other strange items are there for the taking, the Alien Epoxy which is used to repair alien weaponry comes in very handy throughout your quest and Alien Biogel that is used for health pick me ups. Unfortunately most of the items adorning the nooks and crannies of the ship cannot be picked up, which scuppered my plans for an alien themed room at my pad in the wasteland.

Unfortunately making your way through the content is an extremely linear event with little scope for exploring. There are a couple of Easter eggs and a lot of alien captive recordings to find, while some of these recordings are quite interesting to listen to, they end up being too numerous and overly long to keep you interested. Really it all just started to feel a bit bland the more I got into the DLC, with identikit corridors to keep traipsing through towards your next goal. That’s not to say all on offer here is boring, in places Mothership Zeta really shines it’s just a shame that these parts are few and far between. A lot of what is on offer just seems like it should have been more fun.


A large part of the DLC sees you working toward exiting the ship for a space walk. I had high hopes for this section with ideas of blasting the alien menace off of the ship into the void of space, or maybe some Zero-G sections to contend with. These dreams didn’t even come close unfortunately, the space walk section was a massive let down and consisted of a short stroll and a couple of buttons to push before returning to the interior. This isn’t the only let down however, making your way to the bridge to take down the captain evoked visions of a terrifying boss fight with a gigantic marauding alien. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say it’s very anti-climatic.

If you enjoyed the exploring of the ruined buildings in the main game you’ll probably get a kick out of Mothership Zeta, but at 3-5 hours long this does become tedious in the extreme. For the last piece of content for Fallout 3 Bethesda should really have made this content special and a bit more fun. At 3 hours through I was just hoping it would end, which is never a good thing to have happen in a game. All in all I found this last bit content underwhelming when compared to the main game. If you are in the market for some Fallout DLC be sure to get Broken Steel or Point Lookout before considering Mothership Zeta as these are a far more enjoyable experience.

Hi Score – Nice change from DC, Graphically pleasing, New Perk

Lo-Score – Mainly boring, Wasted opportunities, Too linear

Final Score – 5 out of 10

Written by Andy Marsh

Written by Andy Marsh

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