Trials HD Review

I had planned to get this review up on Thursday or at latest Friday but here I am on Sunday night typing up my thoughts on this amazing little game. I have struggled to put the pad down long enough to type this thing. I’m horribly addicted to Trials HD, more so than I have been to any other arcade game. I should have anticipated this after being addicted to the old flash game versions. I’m sure at some point in your gaming life you have came across a Trials game. If not you basically have to ride your motocross bike across a series of obstacles and jumps and stay on until the end. Sounds easy enough but its surprisingly not.

Trials HD is the perfect example of a simple idea executed well. You use the right trigger for ignition, the harder you press the harder you accelerate. The much neglected brake is the left trigger which is only really used on the obstacles. For control you use the right analogue stick, pulling back will raise your front end and pushing forward lowers it. Sounds simple enough and it really is but these controls will help you conquer some of the most soul destroying challenges you will ever face.


After each one of these obstacles there is a checkpoint that you can respawn at by pressing B. This makes some of the harder challenges possible…just. If your going for a top notch time then you can press the back key which will restart the level. Just don’t do what I have done numerous times and press it instead of B. Nothing worse than losing all your progress on an Expert level.

The game starts out on beginner level then rather steeply shoots up to expert. The game leaves you stumped at quite a few points with no help. You have to learn what to do by just repeating it over and over again which may be too much for some people to take. You get 30 minutes and 500 respawns to complete a level. It may seem like a lot but I managed to max out both trying to complete one of the extreme challenges. If you need help you can jump over to the leaderboards and watch the replays of the best players. This sometimes helps but can just leave you feeling dumbfounded.


The leaderboards are where the addiction lies in this game. Every time you complete a level it shows your score in relation to your friends. You could put a time down that your really happy with to see your rival a few tenths of a second faster than you. I have spent hours trying to chase down a friends score. Studying every jump to find the perfect transition to give me the speed for the next. No matter how good you do you know you can always go faster.

If you’re getting too annoyed at a particular track you can always go and play some of the mini games. These range from jumping your ski bike as far as you can to trying to break as many bones as possible by launching your poor rider down some steps. Hill climb is my favourite mini game by far. The further you drive your bike up the near vertical wall the harder it gets to keep it under control. Seeing your friends name just above you on the hill makes you want to find that last shred of energy to push past their score. There is also a tournament mode that involves you completing a series of tracks in a row. I have dabbled a little with the level editor and it seems really good. I’ve never been great at level editors but I do enjoy playing user created content and I think were going to see some devilish creations.

trials 3

The game looks and sounds as good you would expect it to do with a 1200 MP price tag and HD in the title. The music is pretty much non existent as I turned it down and just listen to the bike. Brandon Dicamillo and Rake Yon of CKY and Jackass do the voice over work which was surprisingly annoying. It made me chuckle the first time I heard it but after awhile I just turned it off.

Trials HD is one of the best arcade games I have ever purchased and I can see myself playing this well into the future. I seriously recommend that you pick up this title. Its a great game with tons of replay value.

Hi-Score – Simple controls, Leaderboards, Addictive gameplay, Great graphics

Lo-Score – Hard later levels, Annoying voice overs, Life endingly addictive

Final score – 9 out of 10

    • Orpheus Black
    • August 17th, 2009

    Great thing is, this is going to be so easy to cater for in the DLC department. More tracks, even more mini games would be great. I’m not that good at the game, but I am very, very addicted to it, to the point that I have hurled my controller down in disgust so many times that my wife has threatened to divorce me if I play it in her presence again.

    Great review by the way

    • Steven Wright
    • August 17th, 2009

    Thanks Joe. Im really hoping for some DLC for this game. I have completed all the tracks now and would love some more Extreme tracks. Their frustrating as hell but so rewarding.

  1. Great review. I’m wondering if I should buy this or Shadow Complex, but all the positive reviews of Trials that I have been seeing makes me think this is the game to get.

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