Just Cause 2

Ok, I’m going back on my word from earlier – but only slightly, I thought I’d bring you some game news. I hated the original Just Cause, I don’t know why, it just never clicked. It all felt a bit stale and rushed, trying to capitalise on the fact that there was no GTA at that time. However this sequel has me intrigued and also, a little excited.

The island this time around looks more detailed, buildings and environments look like they have character. The graphics still look slightly stilted tech wise but otherwise it’s a lovely looking game. But what REALLY intrigues me is the destruction. For all of it’s issues I really enjoyed Mercenaries 2, it was great to just run around blowing everything you saw to pieces. There’s a moment in this trailer where Rico attaches a jeep to the bottom of a helicopter and drops it into a petrol station blowing it to kingdom come. This opens a lot of possibilities and if it can all be pulled off, then this could be a winner.

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