Tales of Monkey island, The Siege of Spinner Cay


Telltale games have struck gold again with the second installment in the Tales of Monkey Island series, The Siege of Spinner Cay. I did not play the first game but I picked up the story quickly. In the first title, The Screaming Narwhal, you had to rescue your wife, Elaine, from the hand of the dread pirate LeChuck. From what I can gather you got rid of LeChuck’s voodoo curse which in result infected all the other pirates with the voodoo pox. The pox not only makes the pirates look rather mouldy but also more bloodthirsty and unreasonable like LeChuck was.

Guybrush’s left hand has a little pox filled life of its own but that does not last for long as its lopped off by the aptly named Morgan LeFlay, pirate hunter. After dispatching her and finding a handy hook replacement you find yourself on the Jerkbait islands where most of the game takes place. The islands are the home to the Mer people, also known as the Vaycalian’s. This is where you find the other plot line in the game. Your wife Elaine if here along with the pox filled pirate McGillicutty. You have to find 3 golden artifacts that are hidden around the islands. These artifacts will help find the Esponja Grande, which is a big sponge to soak up the voodoo curse, genius. The only problem is McGillicutty who already has one of the artifacts and wants the rest. With the help of the post pox pirate LeChuck you have to work out a way to find the rest.


The challenges are some of the best I have played in any game. Only one had me stumped but the solution was right in front of me. I think if I was playing this without a review deadline I would have completed it with ease. Most of them could be solved with some typical Threepwood logic. I think it’s best to leave your landlubber logic on the side and think like a mighty pirate…ARRR! It’s a good feeling when you solve a puzzle as you get a new witty line and a cutscene to laugh at. This is as rewarding as hearing the bleep bloop of a Xbox achievement. When you are stuck, Guybrush will shout out hints like “I need to find more things to plunder” which fitted seamlessly with the gameplay.

To get your hands on the artifacts you have to explore and search for items. With these items you will solve puzzles much like any other point and click adventure game. But monkey island always brings its own touch to the game with a brilliant script and excellent voice actors. I had a constant smile on my face playing this game and laughed out loud at more than one point. This is key in a game that has you talking to a lot of different characters and some more than once. Every character you come across in the game is genuinely funny and interesting. My personal favorites were two of Mcgillicutty’s pirates, Trenchfoot and hardtack. You have to outwit them to get one of the artifacts and some of the dialogue that ensues is hilarious. My favorite being “Look, a distraction!”


Looks wise its as charming and colourful as any other monkey island game. All the characters have great facial animations especially Guybrush. The raised eyebrow and cocky smirk just oozes sarcasm. This is what attracts me to the monkey island games. Their wit and charm is the best I have come across in any game. I already want to play the game over and over just to meet the characters again.

The only problem I have with this game is having to wait for the next episode. Like Defmash mentioned in his review of Launch of The Screaming Narwhal the ending can make you feel a bit gutted. Cliffhangers are great but this game is so addictive that you just want to keep playing it. I think I’m going to go visit Steam and spend far too much money on Monkey Island games. I want to meet Murray again!

Hi-Score – Hilarious Script, Loveable Characters, Challenging Puzzles

Lo-Score – Short length, cliffhanger ending leaves you wanting more

Score – 9 out of 10

    • Adam Roche
    • August 20th, 2009

    This sounds great. Are there any plans to release this on XBLA do you know?

    • Steven Wright
    • August 20th, 2009

    I think its just on the Pc and the Wii. Its worth getting on the PC, seriously good fun.

  1. November 24th, 2009

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