360 Fail?

Hello to all out there, I want to start this post by saying this is in no way an attempt to flame, troll or generally be a thorn in anyone’s side. I’ve recently read a lot online regarding the XBOX 360 failure rate and while these numbers may or may not be accurate I thought it would be interesting to see how many 360’s the Hi-Score community has been through.

As I’ve stated this isn’t about “wah wah wah my 360 iz ghey coz RROD” it’s purely out of interest. I still, despite all issues with MS hardware believe that the 360 is the superior console and regardless to how many I would go through – I still buy them.

So, HERE is a link to a Twitter poll regarding the failure rate. Anyone can vote, you don’t need a Twitter account, just 2 seconds to vote. Comments here and on the poll are welcomed, but any outrageous flaming will NOT be approved, please keep any conversation intelligent and civil.

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