1 vs 100, My Story

1 vs 100 has left me with nightmares involving Kirstie Allsopp and a Frisbee…let me explain. I have been addicted to the first season of the Xbox Live game show, playing every live show and a large segment of the extended plays. Getting into the mob and winning Puzzle Quest on one of the first live shows started my addiction. I wanted to win more arcade games and points to waste on the avatar marketplace. So I started an experiment, I played every extended play for a whole week to see if it would get me in the mob again. To my pleasant surprise I got into the Friday night live show and managed to win Zuma. I was buzzing. I got in again on the next night and was set to win my second copy of Zuma when the host chickened out and quit the game. I would have been gutted if I had not already won last night.

1 vs 100a

But then things took a turn for worse, and the nightmare began forming in my mind. My girlfriend is a big fan of Location Location Location (I always say Location too many times) on More 4. So when the question came up with “Which channel 4 real estate show host Kirstie recently blah blah…” I thought I was sorted. As I shouted “SARAH! What’s the name of that host from that show about moving house and things” she stared at me blankly with an expression which can only be described as WTF? Just as my finger pressed A, Foster, the name materialised perfectly in my mind, Kirstie Bloody Allsopp. I did shoot my girlfriend a dirty look when she went “Ooh Kirstie Allsopp, she hosts Location Location Location” but the fault lay with me and my random spewing of words.

Now where does the Frisbee come in I hear you ask. That happened next week when again, I got in the mob. After last weeks near miss I was feeling tense. I did not want to waste another chance at picking up some free points. I was doing pretty good when these haunting words appeared on my screen, “In what year was the Frisbee invented?” I’m guessing you’re looking as confused as I was. This was not one of the hard later questions, it can only have been 4 or 5 questions in. The options were somewhere in the 1940’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. the first thing that popped into my head was hippy’s running about the grass playing with Frisbees so I stupidly guessed 60’s. The one had no idea and asked the mob of about 80 people who also went with the 60’s.


We were all wrong, the Frisbee was invented in 1948. My confidence was rocked, 2 weeks in a row I had missed the chance of winning. Then came the anger, what sort of question was that? Why had I guessed 60’s? I am forever going to be haunted by an images of Kirstie Allsopp running through a field throwing a Frisbee around while laughing at my lack of general knowledge. But besides all the therapy and fevered dreams I still really enjoyed the game. So much so that I’m still playing the extended plays each night.

As good as the game is it still has its problems. These are easily apparent when you see the number of people that played the first live shows compared to the most recent. Like most games it has a hardcore following and a large contingent of gamers who jump on for the odd show. With the addition of the special guests and theme shows the game can only get better. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the game is going to go. I just hope there is no more strange dreams.

    • Billy Goodgun
    • September 10th, 2009

    I like Kirstie Allsopp; she seems nice. But I never much cared for Frisbees anyway.

    Capillaries FTW! The best part of this game, though, has been making my strange little old man dance in time with your avatar. Good times, my man. And a good article.

    At least you got two free games.

  1. I must admit you have a killer record in this game. I think 1vs100 should be seperated more in game. I have 30k+ gamerscore, I shouldn’t see “The One” with a 5 gamerscore it seems unfair. I never got seated in the Mob once after about 20 hours of live play and 3mil score. 50,000 players played the Live US/Canada beta every Friday night. I’d like to think if you play in the UK beta you have more chance of winning(less players).

    • Steven Wright
    • September 10th, 2009

    The first few shows had around 50,000 to 70,000 players but by the end some shows under 10,000. You definitely have more of a chance of getting in the UK show. I can see why you would want to split up the US shows, might be something MS will have to consider.

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