Tales of Monkey Island : Lair of the Leviathan

TellTale Games

Telltale games have succeeded in bringing Monkey Island back from the murky depths with the first two games in their five part series, the Tales of Monkey Island. Lair of the Leviathan looks to continue the story of the hapless yet surprisingly successful, Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate, and his quest to recover the Esponja Grande and rid the Caribbean of the deadly Pox.

If you have played the previous Tales then you will know of the predicament Guybrush finds himself in and an interesting predicament it is.You find yourself shipwrecked in the stomach of a giant manatee and surprisingly you are not alone. In fact the very gentlemen you are looking for, Coronoda Decava, has set up camp in the beasts mouth. Unknown to him, his crew of which he thought dead are living it up in the belly of the beast. They have formed a club called the Democratically United Brotherhood of the Manatee Interior. You of course have to weasel your way into the club in typical Threepwood fashion.


Washed up with you is your very amusing firstmate Mr. Winslow and Morgan Leflay, Pirate Hunter. The first two games introduced the characters that are just now beginning to show their true potential. Plot lines are getting cast and intertwined that show a lot of promise for the last two tales. The new faces in this tale are interesting enough but are completely overshadowed by the return of a fan favourite, you can call him Bob but to everyone else he is known as Murray!

Murray is my favourite character from the Monkey Island games as I am sure he is to a lot of other fans and his inclusion made the second half of the game a complete treat to play. The conversations between him and Guybrush are excellent as is the dialogue with every character, its what you expect from a Monkey island game. You know your guaranteed a sarcastic line with every click of your mouse.

The area to explore is much smaller than the previous games but this does not hurt it as much as I would have thought. Its nice to get away from the jungles and see a different art direction. From bile filled bongo drums to pools of scrummy Ichor the designers have really made the most of the setting. The graphics, while not being jaw droppingly amazing are really solid with some great facial animation. Sometimes the controls let the game down as the arrow keys are not accurate enough and Guybrush ends up shuffling up against the side. This can be slightly annoying but it’s not enough to hurt the game. It makes you wonder why they have left the tried and tested point and click controls.


The different setting has given Telltale the opportunity to create some really unique little puzzles. Thankfully they have removed the frustrating jungle maze puzzles that the last two games featured. Only one challenge near the end of the game had me frustrated but that was overturned with laughter when I worked out how to do it. The pirate face off game was one of the most genuinely funny things I have done in a game in a very long time. I even intentionally failed just so I could go through it again and see what else I could create.

You really get the feeling that Telltale are finding their sealegs with this series. The puzzles are getting tighter, characters are developing along nicely and some of the annoying things from the first two games are non existent. If you have not played any of the previous tales then get yourself over to Telltale’s website and buy them because their only going to get better. Broad grins and the odd chuckle AAARRRRR! guaranteed.

Hi-Score – Brilliant script, Clever challenges, Best in the series, Return of Murray!

Lo-Score – First half of game is a little weaker, It ends…

Score – 9 out of 10

    • Billy Goodgun
    • September 29th, 2009

    Is this only on PC? The series sounds great! Good write-up dude – I want it on XBLA right now!

  1. It’s on Wii as well, no plans are definite for XBLA

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