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I’ve just been for a walk, only a short one mind, into town and back. (I say walk, please read – was driven to town by the wife, kids in tow and walked as little as possible) On this merry little jaunt down my local high street I happened upon the store GAME (read “happened upon” as walked to it as if called by a homing beacon) Deciding to have a browse, as I’m interested in the PSPgo, I looked around the shelves and walked out as aimlessly as I walked in.

One thing that DID catch my eye was the £40 price tag on FIFA10.


Now before I had left for this trip I had seen our friends Frugal Gaming advertise that supermarket Tesco were selling the same game for only £25, pittance compared to GAME, GameStation and BlockBuster. Now, I’m not a huge fan of football games, don’t mind the odd go but I wouldn’t line up to buy a FIFA game. But my best friend is, he quite literally eats, sleeps and breathes Football. As a manager of a Football team, a player, watcher and supporter, he was in line this morning to buy FIFA10 from his local GAME store. £40 changed hands and he was happy, until, I told him about Tesco’s price point.

Obviously pretty livid that he’d paid £15 more than it’s on the shelf for in supermarkets, it brought up the discussion of whether he felt comfortable with the fact that he’d given GAME his money over the giants, Tesco. On one had you have the dirty underhand “pre-owned” selling of GAME, on the other, the shop that pushes prices down so hard that local stores are closing their doors forever, and not by choice.

I don’t consider myself a fan of either shop, but in this situation, as a gamer, and one with not a great deal of readies burning a hole in my pocket, which comes first integrity or frugalness (is that a word? It is now!) I don’t want to see little stores going out of business at all, hell, I don’t even want to see GAME go out of business (as if) but it’s quite clear that if Tesco are going to push the price points down this much, other stores simply won’t cope. But then, it IS £15 cheaper than anywhere selling for the RRP and gamers don’t have much money, especially in this time of “war Economy” (Read – Recession)

Eurogamer have run a piece on this today too, it’s no wonder that so many shopkeepers are getting irate at this situation. Walk down any high street in the UK, christ anywhere in the world and shops are shutting because of the Tesco’s, ASDA’s, Wal-Mart’s and Best Buy’s. I try to buy from the little shops, unless they are charging OVER the RRP, but I know that in these tough financial times, consumers are looking to save a penny wherever they can.

Where do you stand as a gamer and consumer? Do you buy from the big boys at a lower cost and stuff the shopkeep, or pay more to keep the little guy alive?

One consumer has already made up their mind (Found on the interwebz)…………….

tesco_logo2*Tesco Logo, property of Tesco

  1. I rarely buy games at Game. Even the used games are over-priced, usually more than brand new from online retailers. Hell, Game even charge the RRP on their own website!!

    Supermarkets know that you’ll nip in for a cheap game and buy groceries as well. Especially if you’re with your missus and kids!!

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