Ultramarines, a Warhammer 40K Movie


A new project from Games Workshop and Citadel films was announced at this years Gamesday. It’s a feature length CGI film set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, focusing on the Ultramarines chapter of the Space Marines. Check out the website to see the announcement video.

As an ex Space Marine player and collector I’m a little annoyed that the vanilla marines get all the glory yet again. They get the box covers, codex covers and now their own bloody movie. When will the Blood Angels get some love?

Joking aside, if this is done well, it could be every Warhammer fanboys dream. Keep it dirty, gritty, violent and depressing like the 40,000 world should be. Please dont make it a PG 13 project for the kids, it would break my already weakened heart for this hobby.

Keep up to date with the movie by following them on Twitter, Youtube and Flickr.

I’ll keep you posted on any major info as and when it comes out.

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