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I am ill with a sodding cold right now so I have been spending the week playing ODST and neglecting my writing duties. It’s a fun little game, campaign is far from ground breaking but I have enjoyed the tale. Buck, Nathan Fillion’s character, is my personal favourite. He has some classic lines like “BAM! Said the Lady”, “Dropped a Brain” and the post splatter “Were going to need your insurance details”. Its nice to play as some charasmatic characters as opposed to the rather one dimensional Master Chief (still love you big guy).

I completed the campaign on Normal as I’m going to do it on legendary difficulty with my good friend and team mate Damian. We might get around to it soon if we can just tear ourselves away from the brilliant Firefight mode. If your a fan of multikills and killing sprees then this is the game for you. Every time I get a killtrocity with one grenade it makes me grin like a geek at ComiCon. My next task is working through the Vidmaster achievements and getting closer to donning the shiny Recon armour. The first achievement on my list was Vidmaster Classic, complete a level on Legendary with no shots fired and no grenades thrown. Sounds really tough but thanks to this handy video from CyberlineFilms I breezed through it in no time at all

Hope the video helps. Should be feeling better next week so check back for more thoughts on ODST.


Hi-Score needs you…………

I’m currently working on a feature for Hi-Score and I would like some feedback from you, our readers.
I want to know, what do you think is the hardest achievement to get across the 360 catalogue.
It can be a retail game or from XBLA and it can be whatever you feel.

Let me know via the comments on here or twitter me at