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Bottom of the stack – Call of Duty2

“Bottom of the stack” will be a semi regular post in which I will pull a game from the bottom of your game stack or from the bargain bin to discuss.  These games are titles that shipped on or around the launch of their associated console.  So if you came to the party a little late or if you shy away from the bargain bin when looking for a new game, you probably overlooked this title.

Call of Duty 2 is a World War 2 based shooter where you will play through some historic battles in the role of four difference soldiers.  *Think “Band of Brothers”, the game.  


Since the games initial release Infinity Ward/Activision has graced with a title update, a demo, one free multiplayer map pack, 2 paid multiplayer map packs, a theme and numerous picture packs. 

There are 13 in game achievements for a total of 1000 points, all of which come through the course of standard game play.  If you’re an achievement completion-ist, this means no hunting and pecking to earn any of them.  The only catch is that the majority of the achievements can only be acquired when playing on Veteran difficulty.  *If you have ever played a shooter before, I would suggest starting out on Veteran.  You’re going to die a few times but Infinity Ward baked in this checkpoint system that won’t have you kicking the dog or banging your fist into your knees in frustration.

Having never played COD2 before preparing this article, I really feel that I missed out here.  This is a great game!  The single player campaign is awesome.  The missions vary in length (I would have loved to spend more time in a tank) and the cut scenes include historical footage from various World War 2 documentaries that are pertinent to the setting that you are currently engaged in.

After finishing up a few of the single player campaign levels on veteran, and raking in 350 gamerscore points,  I took COD2 online.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  This game is going on four years old… Would I find anyone out there in the wilds of XBL?  Well, rest assured – I was in a match within 90 seconds of selecting the multiplayer over XBOX Live option.  None of my online matches were full, but they had enough of people in them to try to get a decent feel for what this title must have been like in its prime.


Unlike that hot girl from high school that never gave you the time of day, COD2 has actually aged well.  If you are someone whom relies on review scores know that COD2 consistently ranks above COD3, COD World at War and only slightly behind COD4 on various sites such as Metacritic and Amazon.

Is this a must have?  For a FPS fan…  Due to its current costs – No Doubt!  It ranks right up there with COD4, Halo 3 and Gears.

If you have it already, dust it off.  If you don’t have it and you have a $10.00 or £12.71 burning a hole in your pocket go pick it up.  And after you drop it in your tray, shoot me a game invite CubicleZombie.