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Trials HD competition

The most addictive game ever has landed on XBLA and as more and more people download Trials HD we (read, Crying Scotsman a community member) have decided to run a competition. With 1600 MS points up for grabs, 800 from CSM and 800 from Hi-Score all you have to do is head over to our forums and sign up with your gamertag.


Here are the rules;

Sign up at the forums no later than Sunday 16th August if you are interested in taking part in a little Trials HD Comp.

The comp will run until 9pm Sunday 23rd August.

The competition will be played over the following:

Smooth Jumps (easy track)
Wheres the Ground (medium track)
Background Cup (tournament)
National Bike Cup (tournament)

These tracks have been selected purely for the reason that most should have them within a very short period of time and can therefore enter the comp.

3 points will be awarded for the person with the fastest time on each track, 2 points for the second fastest and 1 point for the third fastest.

The person with the highest total score at the close of the comp will win 800 MS Points.

General Rules

– Any bike can be used on any track (well, any that the track will allow)
– You can try for the fastest time as often as you like
– Only the fastest times at 9pm Sunday 23rd August will be used for the scores
– In the event of a tie, the person with the lowest cumulative time will be declared the winner

How to sign up

Post your gamertag in the forum thread, no later than Sunday 16th August. I will then add you to my friends list and be able to monitor the leaderboard (it may also be useful for people to add each other and then you can check the leaderboard throughout!)
At the close of the comp, I will log the scores from the leaderboard (and take photographic evidence, in the case of cries of shenanigans!)



The winner is…..

I have just put all the names of the people who entered our Riddick competition into a hat and my wife has drawn a winner.

Well done to Emuholic, You’ve won a copy of The Chronicles Of Riddick for XBOX 360!

Emuholic said that their favourite games were;
Current generation = Fallout 3
Last = GTA Vice City
Older = Final Fantasy 7

I would agree with Final Fantasy 7, great choice, it’s still an amazing game even today.

A big thank you to Gamesbasment for supplying the prize, hopefully we’ll bring you more competitions very soon. Thanks to all who entered.

Caption Competition- 2100 MS points up for grabs!!!

Here are three pictures from games, the person that we choose with the best captions on all three pictures wins 2100 Microsoft points!!
Comment on the article with your three responses and the best ones win!! simple!!
The competition will run until April 3rd and the winner will be announced on the podcast for that week 🙂
Off you go!!!