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Killzone 2 Demo – First impressions

Well for once the UK gets a gaming exclusive and who am I to pass it up?
I fired up my brand new PS3 yesterday and started the download of the Killzone 2 demo. After an incredibly long download time and fighting the wife for the TV, Today I finally got my hands on it.
So, I thought I’d share my feelings on the demo here. I didn’t actually get to play the first Killzone, so pardon me if I say something here that was in the first one.


The demo starts of like the beginning scene of saving private Ryan and from the moment you get a chance to jump from the landing craft all hell is breaking loose. Now I won’t give any specific details away regarding the path of the demo, So don’t worry if you’ve been keeping clear of any details.
As soon as I got the chance I pushed all the sensitivity bars to maximum as my response time felt a tad sluggish, but once they were up I felt more in control and could easily aim from person to person quickly.
The control system is very well done, with easy access to each button in the heat of the moment.
The movement of Sev feels very sturdy and each of the guns that I tried has a real weight to them, you actually feel like the gun is launching rounds from the barrel.

Graphically the game is superb and the attention to detail is ridiculous. All of the textures are well laid out and everything looked sharp. Each part of the enviroment reacts to the bullets, from chips in the walls to feathers exploding from chair cushions as you spray your assault rifle around. The HUD is nice and clean and feels very slick as there is very little on the screen. The “red screen” effect when you’re being injured is spot on, it actually looks like your blood is spraying into your vision.
I also loved little things like the meter on grenades that counts down whilst your “cooking” it, this enables you to throw it just at the right time.


The enemy AI felt pretty robust from what I saw, all taking cover when needed and throwing grenades out when they needed to move. At one point I noticed I was being outflanked on my left because I was concentrating on the right. This was great to see as I felt like I was in a pincer movement. The AI for the friendlies seemed tight too, they laid down good covering fire whenever I was reloading and I never felt like shouting at them.

The demo is very short and you literally get to learn the buttons and work an objective before the demo ends. It gives a nice taster and although it would’ve been nice to play more, it left me wanting.
I enjoyed playing immensly and can’t wait to get my hands on the full game. If you have access to the UK store, download it when you can. It’s not worth missing.
I can safely say based on this demo alone, that the PS3 NEEDS Killzone 2 and it could finally be the system seller that SONY wants.