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Batman: Arkham Asylum Video

Check out the following footage from GDC


GDC: Nintendo

Well, It’s that time of the year. GDC is here and currently steaming ahead in San Francisco.
With none of us unfortunately able to be there we’re bringing you the most important content after each Keynote speech.
Today it was down to Nintendo to kick off the proceedings.

First piece of news was more screenshots and video content for the “Wiimake” of Punch Out.
These speak for themselves in terms of hype.




Nintendo told us today that the Wii would be the console of choice for Final Fantasy fans. Alongside Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My life as a darklord (I know, What a title!!) is Final Fantasy IV: The after years.
There is only one screenshot available at the moment but it looks gorgeous.


Another moment in the Keynote speech was a test of the new WarioWare game which is featured on the new DSi. WarioWare Snapped will use the cameras on Nintendo’s newest Hardware a lot like an eyetoy.
Unfortunately the screen shots don’t really show off the game, but you can get an idea of what it’s like.