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Lego Sta…..No….Ind….No…..ROCK BAND!!

Well, it’s been rumoured for some time now and today it was confirmed that Lego Rock Band is coming to all major platforms.
Lego Rock Band will see Travellers Tales take on the project alongside Harmonix, with a title aimed more at family play and for children to take part, No word has been spoken on whether the gameplay will be similar to other Rock Band titles.
One thing that will be a massive factor in this title is the customisation aspects of the game.


With only a few songs confirmed, it’s looking like this will certainly be a more casual rock band experience;

Blur: “Song 2”
Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting”
Europe: “The Final Countdown”
Good Charlotte: “Boys and Girls”
Pink: “So What

I for one can’t wait to play this version and I hope there are many song/lego related puns to come!!