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Ether Saga Beta

I recently acquired a key for a new MMORPG called Ether Saga, which is made by Chinese developer, perfect world entertainment. I thought I’d post some thoughts on the game, just to give people a view of what’s out there other than World of Warcraft.
Ether Saga is a free to play MMO that is funded by micro transactions. These are made by players who want to buy items that give you double XP for a while or fast trip transport back to your home in game. There are many different things that can be purchased and obviously these keep the game running for free.

The game plays like an anime influenced version of WoW, the typical interface is there and all the features that you would want can be found. Graphically it’s not as smooth and detailed, but to be honest with an MMO, the graphics aren’t the most important thing. The character models have a traditional Chinese feel and the environments I’ve seen so far are lush and colourful.
There is a pet system from the start and your pet will accompany you all the way through the game, whether it be helping you fight or holding your items.

There are a good amount of characters, over three races, you can pick six classes and these are your standard affairs. Unfortunately with this being a BETA it’s difficult to talk about the interactions with other players. However I have been buffed many times by random people running by and I feel this will continue into the full build. I’m playing on a west coast US server and have only experienced minimal latency.
I will explain more once I get further into the BETA, but as it stands right now, If you want to play a good MMO and particularly for free…….This could be the one.