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Score Tissue page 23: Deus Ex: Squared

I’m sure we were all thinking the same thing when this news broke.
No, Just me then? Fine.

And for what it’s worth (and despite the cynical stupidity documented above),
Final Fantasy: Deus Ex would probably be my favourite game of all time…

But I suppose I’m willing to settle for a decent Deus Ex 3.


iPlay iPod

Last week I thought it about time I downloaded some games to my iPod classic. The first game I got was Peggle, a game that I know and love on the 360 and PC and owning a copy of Peggle in my pocket proved too much to resist. Then further down the page on iTunes there was a title that piqued my interest, mainly due to the fact it was made by Square Enix.


Song Summoner is certainly an interesting game, it’s a tactical JRPG in the same vein as Final Fantasy Tactics. With the same tried and trusted Square Enix storyline. You know the drill, you and your younger brother are out and about and wouldn’t you know it, a bunch of baddies turn up and kidnap your sibling. Cue a five year jump into the future and some training from the Soul Master (who’s a dead ringer for James Brown) and you are ready to get your revenge. The main hook of the game though is the ability to turn songs on your iPod into Tune Troopers which are a kind of summon magic to help you out in battles.

Using what can be only described as some form of black magic, Song Summoner takes your selected tunes and turns them into a host of different characters. There are five different classes of potential Tune Troopers, Mage, Knight, Monk, Archer and Soldier. The song you choose has effects on the starting stats of the Trooper, these base stats can be upgaded over the course of the game by collecting and using Pitch Pearls. Every so often when creating your Troopers the Soul Master will pop up giving you a chance to make a special character, this involves him giving you some set criteria to stick to. Criteria such as choosing a long song or picking a tune with the word love in the title will lead to more powerful and often one of a kind Troopers to play with.


To be honest I’ve not played much of the story yet as I find the draw to making better Tune Troopers just too much to resist. While the fighting is great fun it would have just made the game a notch better if the intro to the song you used for your summoned in Trooper played at least for a bit. If you have an iPod and a spare £3.99 you could do a lot worse than this little JRPG.