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Score Tissue Page 13: Executive Power


I have been all kinds of unwell this week,
so I’m afraid you just get this quick and dirty strip…

Besides, no matter how ill I am, I couldn’t let this news pass without comment.
It may’ve been hopelessly naive of me, but I really thought that in this age of DLC wonderment, that the traditional incremental Street Fighter retail releases (that render the game that you bought a few months ago completely useless) were a thing of the past.

I’m still going to be buying the damn thing on day one though.

I know I know… Part of the problem and all that.


Score Tissue Page 11: Super Score Tissue 2: Turbo


This comic features my good friend Rik/Remmy, lord of the hardcore gamers blog Agoners and Midlands Super Street fighter 2:HR:r champion, describing his adventures at Super versus Battle in London.

Rik a super nice guy who really knows his fighting game theory and has even more love for old school Sega action than me…

Just don’t get him started on the evils of Sony.

I think he might burst into flame if you threw a ps3 at him.