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Here Wii go again!!

Well thanks to Gamesbasement our sponsor of this site and our podcast I’ve recently purchased a Nintendo Wii.
This will be my second of these, I originally sold on my first Wii as there didn’t seem to be any games that appealed to me and no one in my family was particularly interested in playing it. So it was sold on after a year of it being out and I never looked back.

That was until recently. The back catalogue of Wii games started to have some gems in it and they were going for affordable prices too. The future was also looking brighter on the Wii front, Games like The Conduit were on the horizon and more “adult” games like Madworld and house of the dead: overkill were in stores.
So I began toying with the idea of picking one up.
Now before you call me a hypocrite for stating that I disagree with Nintendo’s practices at a retail level and disregarding the “hardcore” audience, I say this;
I still disagree with the idea of pushing hundreds of peripherals on the consumer in order to “experience” their key titles at their best. I also still think that Nintendo has a lot to answer for when looking at how the games industry is looking at present.
With all that said, it can’t be denied that the Wii is a fun console and I will eat a small slice of humble pie, NOM NOM!!

So the Wii was delivered to me last week with Wii Fit and I’ve subsequently bought Ghost squad with a Zapper add on, Super smash bros Brawl and Boom Blox.
I have to say, so far I’m having great fun with it. Being that I’ve owned a lot of Nintendo products, I’d collected a lot of Nintendo stars online via registering my products. You’ll find the leaflets inside Nintendo products, scratch of the silver panel and follow the instructions. Anyway, you can trade these stars for products online and for 4000 stars you can get 1000 Nintendo point to spend on the virtual console.
So I decided to chip in my stars for Mario 2 and 3. Both gems to play and great additions to my Wii “dashboard”

I wanted to put my thoughts on some of the games onto here……….

Wii Fit
Really great fun, once your Wii has told you what a Fatty you are and you’ve gained your self respect back, it’s instantly shattered again by your realisation that you’re not only a chubber but you also have no coordination. Once these barriers are broken down, Wii Fit is superb, the balance games are quick and simple to play and if you’re at all interested in Yoga or Exercise then the other sections will really appeal.

Boom Blox
A great family game with puzzle solving and the feeling of a carnival game, Boom Blox is a riot to play. There’s a lot to get through and if you have children old enough to know not to throw the Wiimote through your TV then you can get them playing too.

Ghost Squad
Great little shooter, ported directly from the arcades, it feels very sturdy and robust. The Wiimote is very accurate and more fun can be had by roping a friend in to fight terror with you. A lot more fun with the plastic Zapper attachment than without.

Super Smash Bros Brawl
James said a lot about this in his review and I have to agree with a lot of it. I’m yet to play it multi player but I’m certainly looking forward to it. If you’ve played it on the gamecube, then you know what to expect. Great fun, but I would definitely say to use the classic controller rather than the Wiimote/nunchuck combo.