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Do you wanna Swapgame?

Earlier today I got chatting with Frugal gamer about a company called Swapgame. They mentioned them in a tweet on twitter and it caught my eye as I’ve been using Swapgame for a little over a month now. After seeing them mentioned I thought it would be great to bring you the reader some information on who Swapgame are.

Swapgame are a UK based company that offer an online games rental service. They caught my eye as I don’t really like using Blockbusters for rentals for several reasons and I stumbled across this company via a google search.
It’s a simple process to use their service, You sign up for an account and choose the package you want (Which I’ll go over soon) Once you’ve selected your package you then need to fill up your playlist.
Your playlist is a list of games that you want to play and the staff at Swapgame will choose a game from your list to send out. This is based on an order that you want them to come out and what’s available.
In just over four weeks I’ve had four games, it’s cost me £9.99 for the service per month. Each of the games would’ve cost me £5.95 each in Blockbuster.

There are three packages;
Capped 1: 1 game at home at a time and 1 game per month(£3.99 per month).
Unlimited 1: 1 game at home at a time and unlimited games per month(£9.99 per month).
Unlimited 2: 2 games at home at a time and unlimited games per month(£14.99 per month).

I personally think Gameswap offers a great service for gamers who want to play a bit of everything and don’t want to pay more than they need to. All postage to and from your house is free, All you need to do is choose a game, play it and then send it back.
Each time I’ve sent a game back, I’ve had a new one within 3 days max. Head over and check them out HERE and see what you think. Hopefully we’ll get some money off codes for you guys to use!