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It’s with Sadness,

That I’m informing you, that the Hi-Score podcast is coming to an end.
There are many reasons for halting the podcast production and many of them are personal reasons, life, time etc.
Zack and I want to thank everyone who listened to the podcast and left reviews on itunes. We may resurrect it one day in the future but right now it’s not feasible for it to continue. Out of the blue I know, but as we all know, Real life is more important.
I know it didn’t last long, but we hope you enjoyed the short run.

We are going to try to record one last show which will be our views of E3 and the games that surrounded it, but we’ll keep you all posted as to if and when this happens.

Thank you once again.


Hi-Score Podcast Episode 7

Well after a two week hiatus Episode 7 of the Hi-Score podcast is now Live on itunes.

This episode sees us splurge over the games we’ve been playing including Punch Out for Wii and UFC 2009 on 360.
Despite wanting it to be a shorter show, it clocks in over 1hour 30mins and we didn’t even cover the news or XNA games and letters.

We’re currently bouncing some ideas about and we plan to change a few things in the podcast for future shows, so keep your ear to the ground.

Also touching on the changes to the website, we’re planning on changing our review structures, more news on which will come up very soon!

Hi-Score podcast episode 5….no….6!!


Well after struggling with itunes and our podcast hosts, Jellycast, Episode 5 of the Hi-Score podcast is finally up!
We’ve renamed it to episode 6 to save any confusions as we had about 4 versions of episode 5 at one point.
Now you can finally listen to us talk about;
MotoGP, Plants Vs Zombies, HAWX and Afro Samurai

We have the (at the time) latest news in the form of Hi-Score/Lo-Score featuring:
The latest arcade games, Call of Duty 7: Vietnam?? and More motion controls

This week as we had a lot of games and news to go over we skipped the community games and e-mail section to cover some news regarding Hi-Score.
We announced that we now have a new writer, His name is Andy Marsh and he’s going to help us cover some reviews and also feature on future podcasts. We’ve been hoping to get him on the site for a long time and now he’s here you can check out his Wallace and Gromit review You can catch him on his twitter HERE

Also, in some great news our podcast/site sponsor Gamesbasement is now open for business. There are some great bargains to be had jump over and visit them HERE

Next, head over to Gameswap and claim our exclusive codes to save you money on the unlimited 1 package, LinkyLink Enter in the following codes;
HISCORE60 -60% off UL1 first month
HISCORE14 – 14 day free trial to UL1

Feel free to comment on the podcast here and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you haven’t already, review our show on itunes.

Itunes LINK

Hi-Score podcast episode 4!!

Well it’s that time of the week again, podcast time!!

In this weeks show;
We talk about what we’ve been playing, not so much this week, Outrun (a lot!!) GRID, Left4Dead Survival mode and more.

We bring you the latest news during our newest feature Hi-Score/Lo-Score, We rant about MS points….AGAIN and talk about beatles rock band.

In the community section this week, We let you know what to look for in the XNA section of the marketplace and we answer some of your questions………..Keep em coming!!

We have a competition for you this week and the prize is a copy of Outrun Arcade Online from SEGA.
In Order to win this you must listen to the podcast and follow the instructions in the show.
On competition news, we forgot to announce the winner of the 2100 MS points this week, but we will announce it in our next episode.

Thanks for listening and keep your itunes reviews and comments coming in, We can’t do this without you!

Hi-Score Podcast Episode 3

Hi-Score is going through a few changes in the podcast, We’ve had a play around with the layout and hopefully you’ll like the changes.

Starting off with what we’ve been playing, games featured this week; More resident evil 5, some burnout paradise, Henry Hatsworth and more……
Then moving on to our new section called Hi-Score/Lo-Score which covers the latest news and the UK video game charts provided by ELSPA…….
We finish off with our new, “community game of the week” feature and e-mails/tweets from you guys.

As always, please review the show on itunes if you can and leave some comments here on anything you want from the show.
We’re searchable on itunes now, just search for hi-score in the bar, you can subscribe to the Hi-Score podcast in the sidebar on the left of this page.

We also spoke about Halo 3 Mythic map pack and mentioned a map made by a mate of ours called fat freddy UK, HERE is a link to the file share for you to try it and below is a screen of the map.


Podcast and general news

Well the first podcast is in the can as they say.
Zack and I were really happy with how it went but the quality of the sound is lacking. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of money in order to buy much equipment, So we were sharing a microphone on a turtlebeach headset 🙂
We’ll review the quality and see if it’s worth putting on itunes, if not next weeks podcast will be better (we’ll have two headsets) and we’ll get that one out.
As always, we’ll keep you updated.

In other news, We have a new writer for Hi-Score, His name is Tony and his screen name here is CubicleZombie. We welcome him aboard with open arms and you will see some interesting stuff from him soon. Tony might post at odd times as he lives in the States……..So he’s our US correspondent 🙂

We’re also thinking about setting up a facebook page, where we will post our news and details of what’s on the site. Just in case you can’t get on here, but you can use facebook mobile or something similar.

We’re still looking for someone who can help out with the running of Hi-Score visually and they must be able to use CSS, So if you know anyone who’d like to help drop us an e-mail.

That’s about all for now, we’ll keep you updated with reviews and articles as we can and as always, please pass around the web address so we can see some more visitors.

What was your Game of the year for 2008?

As our regular readers have already noticed, we nominated our games of the year some time ago. This subject however will crop up in our first podcast, Which means we can discuss it in more depth.
I know we’re a bit late on this one……but it’s taken a while to get the podcast up and running, so we’re dealing with it now.

This is where you come in, our adoring readers and soon to be listeners………..
We want you to let us know your game of the year for 2008, give us a little explanation why and we’ll chat about them on the podcast. It can be from any system or indeed an arcade/PSN title.

Let us know by commenting on this post or if you tweet, you can message strybe on twitter @ 🙂