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Score Tissue Page 7: Megalife Crisis


And the Dreamcast is 10 years old next month.
I was playing that thing when I was in college dammit.

Screw you sega for making me feel so painfully old.

PS. I still love you really.


Score Tissue Part 5: Fan Service

Oddly enough, I wrote the script for this strip the day before Sega’s Sean Ratcliffe made this comment on the future of the Sonic franchise. Clearly, I have undiscovered mutant psychic powers.

Yet more score tissue next Wednesday.

Outrun online arcade

SEGA have announced today that outrun online arcade will be tearing onto XBLA and PSN on April 15th and 16th respectively. They have also announced a very pleasing price of 800MS points and £7.99 for PS3.
This is a great price point for an arcade game that supports 6 people racing online together and full leaderboard support.
Included modes are OutRun, Heart Attack and Time Attack modes. Plenty to keep you busy and all for a great price point.


Check out our review coming soon.